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Following points should be kept in mind while code redeem.
  • Code is not case-sensitive
  • Code is symbol sensitive. So don’t forget the hyphen (-)

  • It is a code provided by the game developers which can be used to acquire certain game resources or gifts like cards, chest, currency, etc depending on the game. Similarly, in NBA 2K23, Locker code can be redeemed in the community hub section to get various layers, tokens and shoes, etc.

  • Sadly, yes. Most locker codes usually expire in a week of their release. And hence we update you about them as soon as possible so you have ample time to redeem them. There are some codes with longer validity and also a few which last forever. See all of these in the “Codes” section of our website.

  • These locker codes are released on 2K’s Twitter page. You can go ahead and follow them. Or you can just visit our site regularly for the complete collection of active (and expired) codes. We upload the codes in around half an hour of the release.

  • No. we do not create the codes ourselves. We just upload them in here to keep you updated. Our site is also convenient as its easier to copy these codes from our website from the vast collection.

  • Go to the MyTeam section in NBA 2K23
  • Enter the Community Hub
  • Enter the Community Hub
  • Enter the Community Hub.


We do not make these locker codes ourselves. We just display it here. They are released officially on NBA 2K twitter page.

We merely curate these codes and display it on our site with all the necessary reward information alongside it.

We are not to be held responsible in case you are late to redeem the code We are not accountable if you do not receive the code gifts.