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Hello Gamers! We belong to the NBA 2K23 player base like you. We ourselves are players who paused our game to provide you with the latest Locker Codes in the game.

OfficiisEveryone loves free stuff. Gamers are no different. We love getting free stuff like check-in rewards or participation prizes in our games. Similar is the case with these Locker Codes since they are completely free! (and super easy to redeem from this site) Our site has the ultimate collection of Latest and Active Locker Code for NBA 2K23.

We contain the working codes in a collective manner for easy reference and usage This site has no official affiliation with the NBA 2K23 game.

The website also displays information on when the codes were released and when the old codes expired (denoted by strikethrough). Moreover, on our site these codes are alongside the text which specifies the rewards that code will give you. So you can choose you want.

  • Here you can get the working and valid codes for NBA 2K23
  • We update the list of codes regularly.
  • With these Locker codes, you can get amazing rewards like players. Packs. And tokens, and badges


We do not make these locker codes ourselves. We just display it here. They are released officially on NBA 2K twitter page.

We merely curate these codes and display it on our site with all the necessary reward information alongside it.

We are not to be held responsible in case you are late to redeem the code We are not accountable if you do not receive the code gifts.